Small Dams in Canada
What is a small dam? Who is a small dam owner?
Flood Frequency Analysis of the Mersey River, Nova Scotia using Bivariate Extreme-Value Distribution
Floods are random multivariate events adequately described by their peak flows, volumes, durations and shapes.
Seismic Design Considerations for Atlantic Canada
Design professionals are well acquainted with dead, live and environmental loading on structures.
Geotechnical Characteristics of Sediments on the Western Central Scotia Slope
Sediment mass movements resulting from diverse triggering mechanisms have long been known to occur on continental margins with different slopes.
Semi-probablistic Design Methodologies for Earth Dam and Foundation Design
The objective of engineering design for earth fill dams and their foundations are safety, functionality and economy.
The Four Pillars of Dam Safety
Dams have been around for millennia and are common throughout the world. Originally, earth dams consisted of little more than earthen embankments while concrete dams tended to be mortar and rock structures.
How Healthy Are Your Dams?
The Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour (DOEL) estimates there are between 400 and 600 dams in Nova Scotia.
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