Glen Dhu Wind Farm

Shearwind Inc.

Meco was contracted by Shearwind Inc. to undertake a geotechnical investigation of soil, rock and groundwater conditions for the development of thirty wind turbine towers located in Barney's River, NS.

The purpose of the work was to establish the required information to design wind turbine foundations and access roads.  The deliverable was a report describing the thickness and characteristics of each soil layer with a recommendation of the type of foundation that should be constructed at each site.

Meco was also contracted to develop the sediment, erosion and control (SEC) plan for the project.  Work included controlling the hydrology and drainage along all the access roads of each wind turbine site, designing the hydraulic openings under the bridge locations to pass a 1:100 year flow.  Construction drawings showing the plan layout, and sections of the access roads were developed with the required grades and thicknesses for the sub-base and road topping layers.

Meco's Services include:

  • Design Geotechnical Investigation Program
  • Preparation of Geotechnical Report
  • Hydrology Review
  • Design Documents for Access roads and bridges 
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