Balmoral Grist Mills Dam

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR)

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR), government of Nova Scotia, contracted Meco to provide engineering services for reconstruction of the grist mill dam structure and dredging for reinstatement of the mill pond.  The work is completed in general agreement with the Canadian Dam Association Dam Safety Guidelines, 2007 (CDA Guidelines) and other industry reference documents.

The structure is an integral part of the Balmoral museum and a heritage structure.  Meco was responsible for concept studies, hydrology, survey, preliminary and detailed engineering.  The final design needed to retain the heritage character of the site and provide a long term solution to operations and safety of the structure.  Meco designed a gravity concrete core with timber facade and incorporated a sluice for sediment control.  The project is currently under construction

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