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The Main dam is an Ambersen design reinforced concrete buttress structure, 23.3m high and 225.6m long.  The spillway has a total length of 98.8 metres with a discharge capacity of 1840 m3/s at maximum flood level.  Spillway discharge is controlled by eighteen (18) steel gates, 4.7m wide, which are lifted individually with a gantry crane equipped with two screw stems.  The dam retains Grand Lake reservoir which forms the headwaters for the 125 megawatt (MW) plant located at Deer Lake, with a drainage basin of approximately 5000 km2.

Mitchelmore's scope of work included completion of a Dam Safety review in accordance with Canadian Dam Association Dam Safety Guidelines (2007).  The review provided assessment of the earth embankment abutments and the concrete buttress dam.  Design and analysis was performed for a structure that has been modified since 1925, the year of construction, and required research and engineering judgement to complete the work.

Meco's Services include:

  • Review of consequences of failure & classification
  • Review of design & Construction
  • Site Visit
  • Review of management
  • Comprehensive DSR Report
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