PUN Development Rehabilitation

Newfoundland Power Inc.

Newfoundland Power Inc., contracted Meco to complete a design brief for rehabilitation of the Port Union Hydroelectric Development that was hit by Hurricane Igor in 2010.  The system has a total generation capacity of 0.5 MW.  Long Pond and Whirl Pond dams are control structures located upstream at the development.

The services included evaluating the most economically feasible design solution to stabilize the dam upstream and downstream faces; raising Whirl Pond dam and freeboard dikes to prevent overtopping during the design flood event with occurrence of 1 in 1000 years and submitting a formal report with findings and recommendations. 

Meco's Services include:

  • Hydrotechnical review to quantify the magnitude of the storm and the system ability to respond
  • Freeboard assessment of Whirl Pond dam and spillway
  • Structural assessment of existing Long Pond dam to determine if level of safety is compromised
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